Where in the World is the Produce From & When ?

Apples & Pears

Apples & Pears

Cooking Apples Available all year
Granny Smiths Available all year
Golden Delicious Available all year
Braeburn Available all year
Cox’s UK September to May
Russett UK October to December
Comice Pears UK October to February
Conference Pear UK September to May
Packhams Pear UK October to November
Red Pear Imported available all year
Quinces UK October to November
Rhubarb UK Forced-Dec to April
UK Natural-March to June
Artichokes & Asparagus

Artichokes & Asparagus

Globe French, Spanish or Egyptian Available all year
Jerusalem Mostly French
October to March
Asparagus UK May to Mid-June
Imported all year
Mostly South American
Stone Fruits

Stone Fruits

Avocados Available all year
Fuerte (smooth skin)
Hass (rough skin)
Apricots Imported. Best May to Aug.
Nectarines/Peaches Available most of the year, either French Spanish or Italian during summer. Southern Hemisphere during winter.
Kiwi All year imported
Figs All year imported
Pomegranates Imported August to Feb.
Plums UK August to September then imported
Cherries June to July/August
then imported


Red Available all year
White Available all year
Savoy Available all year
Spring Cabbage February to May
Spring Greens November to April
Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Clementines Available during the year
Tangerines Available during the year
Satsumas Available during the year
Mandarins Available during the year
Seville Oranges February to March
Blood Oranges November to April
Lemons Available all year
Oranges Available all year
Limes Available all year
Kumquats Available all year
Courgettes & Squashes

Courgettes & Squashes

Aubergines Available all year
Courgettes Green & Yellow
Available all year
Okra December to June
Marrow UK July to October
Pumpkins UK September to December
Butternut Squash Available all year
Other squashes are available during the year


Green Mostly Dutch.

Spanish or Israeli
February to April

Ramiro (elongated) Italian or Dutch
Available all year


Parsnips UK July to March then imported mostly Spanish
Leeks UK June to April then one month cross-over French or Dutch
Cauliflower UK throughout most of year except January to May some French
Horseradish Available all year
Kale UK November to May
Carrots UK end June to April
French/Italian May to June
Romanesque UK October to January

Salad Lettuce

Flat/Round Lettuce UK summer months then imported mostly Dutch
Iceburg UK June to November
Spanish December to May
Cos / Little Gem UK May to October then Spanish
Samphire UK June to August


Plum/Plum Vine/
Baby Plum
UK May to October
then imported
Cherry/Cherry Vine/
Yellow Cherry
Green Tomatoes Available in summer
Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits

Papaya (Paw Paw)
Green Paw Paw
Available most or the year imported
Passion Fruit , Mango
Star Fruit, Pineapple
Tamerillo, Coconuts
Physalis (Cape Gooseberry)
Banana Leaves, Dates
Mangosteen, Rambutan
Lychees, Granadilla
Dragon Fruit, Prickly Pear
Nashi Pears, Plantain
Persimmon (Sharonfruit)
Baby Salad Leaves

Baby Salad Leaves

Mizuna UK during summer months Spanish/Israeli in Winter
Red Chard
Wild Roquette
Tat Soi
Greek Cress
Baby Spinach

Chicory / Celery

Radicchio UK July to November
Italian December to June
(difficult March to April)
Trevisso Elongated form Radicchio
Imported Italian
Chicory Available all year
Red Chicory Available all year
Celery Available all year

Baby Vegetables

All Baby Vegetables available all year
Carrots Patty Pan
Turnips Thai Asparagus
Fennel Beetroot
Leeks Green Cabbage
Courgettes Cauliflower

Beans & Chillies

Long Serenade / Fresno
Birds Eye / Scotch Bonnet
Available all year
Kenyan Fine Beans
Bobby Beans /
Available all year
Broad Beans UK April to Sept
Runner Beans UK July to October
imported in winter
Peas UK June to August
imported in winter
Sugar Snaps Available all year
Mange Tout Available all year

Micro Cress / Cress

Watercress Available all year
Lambs Lettuce Available all year
Shiso Cress Available all year
Mustard Cress Available all year
 Micro Cress  Available all year

Exotic Salads

Frisee ( Endive ) French all year
Lollo Rosso UK May to October
then French
Red Oakleaf

Melons & Grapes

Honeydew Summer months
Spanish / French

Winter months
South American / Israeli

Orange Fleshed
Grapes Winter months
South African / Chilean
Summer months European


Lemon Grass All year imported
Ginger/Galangal / Krai Chi All year imported
Pak Choi Imported
Tamarind Imported
Choi Sum Imported
Chinese Leaf Imported
Holy Basil Imported
Yard Long Beans Imported
Baby Corn All year imported
Kai Choi/Kai Lan/Tong Ho/ Chinese Spinach/
Chinese Celery
All year imported


Raspberries UK May-Nov then imported
Strawberries UK end May to November
then imported Spanish/Dutch/Beldian
Blueberries UK July-Sep then imported
Blackberries UK July-Oct but imported all year either South African or Chillean
Redcurrants / Whitecurrants Available all year but expensive in Spring
Cranberries Imported USA Nov – February
Gooseberries UK June – Aug then imported
Cherries UK June to July/August
then imported
very expensive during certain periods


Swede UK Sep-May then imported
Fennel Imported all year either
Kohlrabi UK July-Sep then imported
either French/Dutch
Celeriac UK Sep-May then imported
Broccoli UK June – November then
Spanish November – May
Sprouting Broccoli UK February to Aptil
Beetroot UK available all year
Brussels Sprouts UK October to February
Salsify UK October to May
Sea Kale UK August to March
Turnips UK Aug-Mar
then imported
Corn on the Cob UK/Spain May to November

Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs available all year
Bay Leaves Chives
Chervil Coriander
Dill Curly Parsley
Flat Parsley Tarragon
Majoram Mint
Oregano Rosemary
Sage Sorrel
Sweet Basil Thyme


Cups/Buttons/Flats UK Available all year
Cultivated, Oyster & Shitake Available all year
Wild / Forest All year, but with some difficulty in summer
Chanterelles (pink & yellow)
Pied Bleu
Trompette de Mort
Pied de Muton
Giant Puff Ball
Paris Brown


Large White onions Spanish June to April
Chillean April to June
English Onions Available all year
Shallots UK Available all year
Banana Shallots Imported available all year
Red Onions Italian available all year
Spring Onions UK April to November
then imported Mexican
Pickling Onions All year imported
Silverskin Onions UK November to March
Garlic All year imported

Prepared Vegetables

Any type of prepared vegetables available
within 24 hours notice
Whole/Quartered/Sliced/Diced Potatoes
Whole/BatonSliced Carrots
Whole Quartered/Baton Parsnips
Sliced Green/Red/White Cabbage
Swede/Csrrot Mix
Mire Poix
Prepared Brussels Sprouts (when in season)
Parisenne Balls
Chateau Potatoes
Sliced Onions

Dairy / Misc

Double Cream
Single Cream
Whipping Cream
Pergals full fat & semi-skimmed milk
also 2pt & 4pt full fat & semi-skimmed milk
Freshly squeezed Orange Juice
Par Fried Chips 14mm & 10mm


Seed potatoes
are planted in February. They can be harvested in June as new potatoes, or left in the ground to mature as main crop potatoes (fully matured) and harvested mid September. If harvested as new crop, the grower could then re-plant for a second crop of new potatoes. If harvested in September they are then stored in one tonne boxes in temperature and humidity controlled stores. They are carefully maintained and current techniques allow potatoes to be stored for up to 10 months.



New Potatoes

Jersey Royal April to June traditional new potato
Maris Bard May to July. Soft waxy texture, oval shape, white skin, white flesh.
Maris Peer
(second earlies)
July to March. Firm cooked texture, short oval shape, white skin, cream flesh.

Main Crop Potatoes

Nadine Firm, waxy texture, short oval shape, cream flesh.
Desiree Firm slightly waxy texture. Oval shape, red skin, light yellow flesh.
Estima Firm moist texture. Oval shape, light yellow skin,, light yellow flesh.
Maris Piper Pleasent floury texture, short oval shape, cream skin, cream flesh.
Cara Firm moist texture, short oval to round shape, white skin with pink eys, cream flesh.
Marfona Firm moist texture, short oval shape, light yellow skin, light yellow flesh.

Speciality Potatoes

Available all year
Charlotte Firm waxy texture, oval to long oval shape, light yellow skin, yellow flesh
Nicola Firm cooked texture, long oval shape, yellow skin,light yellow flesh.
Juliette Firm waxy texture, oval to long shape, yellow skin, yellow flesh.
Sweet Potatoes Medium to soft cooked texture, orange/red skin, bright orange flesh. Sweet flavour. Imported
Yams Medium cooked texture. Yellow/Brown skin, white flesh. Starchy
Purple Truffle French, available all year. Small, purple flesh, dense texture
Belle de Fontany French, small and waxy, long oval shape.
Ratte French, small uneven shape, oval, waxy.
Anya UK, oval, long knobbly skin. Waxy with nutty flavour.